Chaos & Alchemy

Chaos & Alchemy cover art – illustration by Chris Rallis; logo by Bree Heiss

Chaos & Alchemy by Clay Crucible Games is a fast-paced game of laboratory devices, exotic experiments and subtle rivalry between alchemists. Each player conducts an experiment each turn by rolling dice, hoping for each die to be at least as high as the shared Fortune Die.

Each success lets the alchemist draw a new card from the deck or play a card from hand. Each failure means a discard.

Players race to build up a laboratory sophisticated enough to turn lead into gold, with innovations totaling 10 or more points.

Some actual card images are available on the Sample Cards page. You can view the rules on the Game Rules page.

You can read reviews (and leave your own review!) at BoardGameGeek.

And if you want to pre-order the game (shipping in 2014 from Game Salute), watch this page for ordering information.

For updates and news about the game, you can follow Clay Crucible Games on Facebook, and you can also follow Michael Iachini, the game’s designer, on Twitter as ClayCrucible.

An example of the play area for Chaos & Alchemy (from the game’s rulebook)

You can watch the designer’s blog at Online Dungeon Master for announcements about Chaos & Alchemy and other games. Alchemy Bazaar, the second game from Clay Crucible Games, is currently under development.

For other questions about Chaos & Alchemy or Clay Crucible Games, please contact Michael Iachini, creator of the game, at

Chaos & Alchemy logo by Bree Heiss