Game Rules

You can download the full-color rules for Chaos & Alchemy in this PDF. Note that the file is formatted to be printed double-sided on 11 by 17 inch paper without resizing (so the borders of the pages will be cut off intentionally). The rules then fold into a booklet.

You can also click on the images below to enlarge the two pages of the rulebook.

Page 1 (inside booklet) of the Chaos & Alchemy rules – click to enlarge

Page 2 (back cover and front cover) of Chaos & Alchemy rulebook – click to enlarge


5 thoughts on “Game Rules

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  2. Hi there from France! 🙂
    First of all let me tell you that i like your game a lot. I am just wondering if you could translate the rules in French.
    Kind regards,

    Stéphane 🙂

    • Stéphane – I just now saw this comment from 2015, and I am sorry it took me so long to respond!

      I do speak some French, and if you are still interested I would be happy to work on a French translation. Email me at if you want some help with French rules.


    • Simone – Hello from the USA! Unfortunately, I am not aware of a German version of the rulebook for Chaos & Alchemy. My own German skills are not very good, so I don’t know how much help I can be if you’re trying to understand the rules, but I am happy do answer questions if I can!

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