How Do I Join A Room In Yalla Ludo?

Which Ludo app has Voicechat?

Ludo King has rolled out the Voice Chat feature..

Which country invented Yalla Ludo?

AboutSupport URL:Aviva Sun SupportMost Popular Country:IndiaLast Updated:11/18/2020Current Version: Watch:Enabled9 more rows

What is the trick to win Ludo?

Here are some tricks of ludo king game if you strategize your game properly then you can win almost every game.Open all the pieces judiciously. … Don’t run only a single piece all the time. … Kill the opponent as soon as possible. … Try to change the timings of the throw. … Decide your gameplay.More items…•

What is spectator in Yalla Ludo?

Spectator Mode is a game mode added in version 0.36. In Spectator Mode, players can watch their friends’ games, but cannot intervene in the game. … They can, however, talk in the dead chat.