How Do I Post A Video On Facebook Longer Than 30 Seconds?

What is the best length for youtube video?

8 minutesFirst of all, there is no minimum length for monetizing videos.

But for optimal revenue sakes, make your video is at least 8 minutes, because you can place extra mid-role ads in the video..

How do you post a 2 minute video on Instagram?

How to post videos longer than 15 seconds to Instagram Story2) Tap Select Video to select the video you want to split.3) Browse your library and choose a video longer than 15 seconds. … 4) The video will then be imported into the app, which will slice it into 15-second segments.More items…•

Can you post a video on Facebook?

Now, to upload a video to Facebook, follow these steps: Choose Add Photo/Video in the Share box at the top of your Home page or Timeline. … Select a video file from your computer. This brings you back to Facebook, where your video is appended to your post.

How do I compress a video for Facebook?

To compress a video, you just need to finish these simple steps.Go to visit the online service on your browser.Drag you video file on its interface to upload. Select the compression type as Size. … Click “Download All” when it finishes processing your video. Upload the compressed video on Facebook.

How do you post long videos on Facebook?

Click Photo / Video at the top of your Page’s Timeline.Click Upload Photos/Video.Select a video from your computer.Enter an optional update, then enter a Video Title and select a Video Category.To select a thumbnail, click the arrows on the preview of your video or click Add Custom Thumbnail to upload a photo.More items…

How long of a video can you post on Facebook?

240 minutesWe’ll start with Facebook. How long can Facebook videos be? Facebook videos can be up to 240 minutes long.

What is the best length for a video?

Popular Videos Formats and Their Ideal LengthsTutorials: ideal length between 45 and 90 seconds.Creative commercials: ideal length between 15 and 59 seconds.Crowdfunding videos: ideal length would be an average of 2.5 minutes.Testimonial videos: ideal length between 60 and 119 seconds.

Do longer videos get more views?

Surprisingly, people love watching the longer lengths and creators haven’t seen a dip in views when they make longer videos. In fact, they’ve seen an increase in views and subscribers when they focus on longer videos. For example, in 2015 Nikki Tutorials’ videos clocked in at around eight minutes.

What is the best video length for Facebook?

two minutesFacebook. Your videos should be no more than two minutes in length. Multiple studies (including this one from Wistia) have shown that for most videos, engagement tends to fall off sharply after the two-minute mark.

Why is my video not posting to Facebook?

If your video format is unsupported by Facebook, Facebook may fail silently. To fix this error, consider using a video conversion tool or VLC to convert your video (on VLC go to Media > Convert) upload your video and convert it. Uninstall and reinstall Facebook on your device.

How do I post a 5 minute video on Facebook?

Video Length 20 Minutes or LessVisit the Facebook homepage and log in to your account.Click on the “Add Photo/Video” link at the top of the page.Select “Upload Photo/Video.”Click on the “Choose file” button and use the file browser to locate the video file on your computer’s hard drive.More items…

How long is a short video?

If you’re making short videos, you don’t need to stress about the difference of a few seconds. Just keep it under 2 minutes. Takeaway: Short and sweet is a safe strategy. Assume that your viewers are busy.

How do you post a video longer than 60 seconds on Instagram?

You can upload a video that is longer than 60 seconds long, but as videos in your Instagram feed can only be a minute long, you’ll need to select which 60 second portion of the video you would like to post.

Can I post 2 videos on Facebook?

You can upload multiple videos at once in Creator Studio. To do so: Go to the Home tab and click Upload Video. Click Multiple Videos.