Question: How Do I Get To Great Bay Without Epona?

You need to be an adult to be able to ride Epona.

She can be recruited as soon as you first leave the Temple of Time as an adult.

Step 1: As child Link, after you meet with Princess Zelda, Malon will appear in the middle of the corral in Lon Lon Ranch.

Talk to her three times, and then pull out your Ocarina..

User Info: guapo2003. As Young Link, walk up to Malon in Lon Lon Ranch and keep talking to her until she mentions something about a song. Then pull out your ocarina and she will teach it to you. It’s as easy as that.

How do I get the mask of truth?

The Mask of Truth in Majora’s Mask can be obtained from the Resident in the Swamp Spider House in Woodfall if Link gathers all 30 Gold Skulltula Spirits and breaks the curse. Like in Ocarina of Time, The Mask of Truth gives Link the ability to read Gossip Stones scattered throughout Termina.

How do I get to Great Bay?

Your first task is to get to the Bay. Exit out of West Clock Town and call Epona. Ride down the beach at a full gallop to jump over the barriers and enter Great Bay Coast. Once you arrive there, you will be in an area with two buildings.

How do I get Epona to jump the fence?

Instead, play Epona’s song and Epona will come to you. Once you are riding Epona, use her to jump over the fences in the horse pen – there is one small jump, and a higher jump skype voor bedrijvenen macbook. Press A to jump as you approach a fence. Once you’ve cleared both of the fences, go talk to Ingo.

Navi the Fairy – Ocarina of Time Navi is always there for Link. … She is the most loyal companion Link has likely ever had, and yet she inexplicably leaves Link behind at the Temple of Time after Ganondorf is defeated.

Where is Lulu Majora’s Mask?

the Great Bay TempleLulu is a character encountered in Majora’s Mask while trying to enter the Great Bay Temple. She is the current singer of the popular Zora band, The Indigo-Go’s….Lulu.RaceZoraMember ofThe Indigo-Go’sGamesMajora’s MaskLocationZora Cape Zora Hall2 more rows

Can you beat Ingo without Epona?

It is possible to beat Ingo without using Epona for the race. Normally the other horses are too slow to win, but if you wait in the back of the course for around 10 seconds, Ingo will unload and you will automatically win the race.

How do you become a pirate fortress?

To enter the Pirate Fortress, swim underwater near the cliff walls (from the right of the beach) and you’ll see four wooden boards. Use the Zora’s special power to smash open the second board from the left, and then swim through the tunnel. When you get into the next area, there will be four boats patrolling the bay.

How do I get Epona without racing?

It’s possible to obtain Epona without getting either Epona’s Song or racing Ingo by touching one of the three loading zones that are normally only reachable by riding Epona, triggering a cutscene showing Link jumping into Hyrule Field on Epona.

How do I beat Epona obstacle course?

The obstacle course is comprised of a number of fences along the race track that Link and Epona must jump over. Make sure that you use a Carrot (pressing the A Button) as you approach each fence. The larger the fence the more time that Link and Epona will need to properly get up to speed.

Does Epona die in Majora’s Mask?

After Skull Kid steals Link’s ocarina, he ran away with epona into the woods, only for Link to chase him down and fall into a weird, trippy hole into Termina. The answer is, Skull Kid killed her, maybe not directly. …

How do I get to Gekko in Great Bay Temple?

Return to the Great Bay Temple, go to the main room, take the southeast corridor (on the first basement), then the passage blocked by the hands to the room which contains the Compass and the Boss Key, create ice blocks towards the stalagmites and go on to meet Gekko again.

Which dog wins in Majora’s Mask?

Use the Mask of Truth and “talk” to the dogs. Dogs that bark once have a higher chance of winning, while whiny dogs are losers. Dogs that bark twice are likely to place in the middle. The dog with the golden fur has a higher chance at winning if it barks once than others.

Link does marry Ruto in game, but does have a few problems. First, Link is sent back to the past after OoT and warms Zelda the first time they meet about ganon, therefore not needing to go get ruto out of Jabu jabu’s belly to get the blue gem. … Link has no noble title, and in ancient times, nobility meant everything.

What does the All Night Mask do?

The All-Night Mask is a Mask in Majora’s Mask that enables the user to stay awake indefinitely, which may or may not be a bad thing… Uses: Negates the effect of sleep brought on by listening to one of Anju’s Grandmother’s stories. To get this mask, you must save the Old Lady from Sakon on the first night.

How do I get Epona back in Majora’s Mask?

To get Epona back you need to get a Powder Keg from the Goron Village to destroy the boulder blocking Milk Road. It’s a good idea to do this directly after finishing Snowhead Temple. To get Powder Kegs, complete An Explosive Exam.

Where are the eggs in Majora’s Mask?

Link must infiltrate the Pirates’ Fortress and recover four of the seven eggs that were stolen by the Gerudo. The three remaining eggs can be found in the murky waters of Pinnacle Rock, where many Deep Pythons guard the Zora Eggs in their caves.

Do you need Epona to beat Ocarina of Time?

Epona isn’t necessary, you can use the Longshot instead of Epona to get past the broken bridge in Gerudo Valley (only storyline event involving her).

How do I get Epona Master Quest?

Go to Lon Lon Ranch as adult Link. Talk to Ingo by the entrance to the corral, and when he asks, choose to ride a horse. Once inside the corral, play Epona’s Song, and Epona will come over to you. Climb into the saddle.