Question: How Do You Get The Flying Rooster Back?

At the end of the Signpost Maze in Link’s Awakening, an underground passageway will appear.

In this small cave, you can pay 300 Rupees to a frog, to hear and learn the Frog’s Song of Soul, so that Link can play it in the future on his Ocarina..

Mabe VillageThe Weathercock is found in Mabe Village. When Link has obtained the L-2 Power Bracelet, he can move the statue, revealing a passageway. Underneath the statue, Link finds the remains of the Flying Rooster. Link can play the “Frog’s Song of Soul” on his Ocarina to restore life to the legendary bird.

Link’s Awakening Unlike previous Wizzrobes, they cannot be harmed with the Sword, which will instead only repel them back. They can only be harmed by firing an Arrow at them with the Bow, which will defeat them in four hits, or by planting a Bombs near them, which will defeat them in one hit.

Where is the nightmare key?

If you haven’t already, grab the Nightmare Key – it’s found in the largest room in the dungeon, and requires you to leap over the gap in the north-east corner using Roc’s Feather to find the chest. There’s also a staircase here, leading to a side-scrolling section and several hanging skeletons.

Exploring the Mysterious Forest in Zelda: Link’s Awakening comes after you’ve found the sword in Toronbo Shores at the start of the game. This has you find the Tail Key location, which requires you get past the Raccoon by making use of the Toadstool.

Take the hidden staircase to meet Wart and his band, who will teach you the Frog’s Song of Soul for 300 Rupees (picture16). Once you have learn this new melody, go to the Mabe Village to push the Statue of the Flying Rooster (picture17).

Find the Powerful BraceletFrom the entrance, go left and head up. … In this room, take out the Mask-Mimic and stand on the top right orange tile. … Bomb the wall on the right to enter the room with the stairs shown above. … Go up, open the chest, and get the Powerful Bracelet.

Armos Knight boss strategyTo damage it, the easiest way is to use the Bow. … After enough strikes – he’ll glow red when you land a successful attack – he’ll lose his shield, then some of his armour, then be defeated. … Once done, grab the Face Key and investigate the mural on the wall in the next room.More items…•

Where is Marin after animal village?

After Animal Village, Marin can be found on a broken bridge outside of Tal Tal Heights in Link’s Awakening.

If Link uses the Pegasus Boots, they can come within range of Link’s sword before they ever have time to teleport out of reach; also, they may be defeated outright if Link charges at them with the Pegasus Boots while he has his sword equipped.

Tal Tal Mountain RangeLink can take the Flying Rooster into the Tal Tal Mountain Range. Within one of the many caves he will find a chasm that can only be crossed with the Flying Rooster’s help. After passing by this, he will obtain the Bird Key. The key will open Eagle’s Tower, the next dungeon.

The Hen House is a location in Link’s Awakening. It is found in the north of the Tal Tal Mountain Range, where it houses the Cucco Keeper and his Cuccos.

How do you get the Frog Song of Soul?

Frog’s Song of Soul is one of the three songs that can be learned in Link’s Awakening. It is learned from Mamu in the Signpost Maze on the Ocarina. If Link pays Mamu 300 rupees, he and the other frogs will sing it for him.

around 10-12 hoursThe Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening on Nintendo Switch brings roughly the same length of playtime, with the main story taking around 10-12 hours to complete. The short length of The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening might be off-putting to some fans, especially as it’s a full-price title.

How do you wake a sleeping rooster?

Waking Up the Rooster You’re going to discover a series of stairs underneath it and a small cave. Go inside of it. Reach the end of the cave, and you’re going to find a rooster’s head at the end. When you’re on the uplifted platform, play the Frog’s Song of Soul to resurrect the rooster.

How do you get the eagle key?

Finding the Bird Key is needed in order to access Zelda: Link’s Awakening’s seventh dungeon, Eagle’s Tower. Straight after you complete the Face Shrine you have to make your way to the Signpost Maze, and after that, find the Mountain Tower location, where the dungeon awaits.

Vacuum Mouths can also suck up enemies, killing them in the process. It’s sucking ability will only last a few seconds and then turn off, before turning on again. If Link wants to kill it, he can make a suicide jump with Roc’s Feather and hit it with a Sword slash.

Where is the face shrine Zelda?

Make your way through the underwater cave, using the hookshot to get across the gap. Walk up along the right side and put the Face Key we just got into the key hole and this will reveal the entrance to the Face Shrine. Go back down a screen, up the steps, and enter the 6th dungeon of the game, Face Shrine.