Question: How Far Is Balat From Istanbul?

What is Balat?



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Is Balat Istanbul safe?

“In the last four years, we’ve seen Balat and Fener transition from what, for many years, has been a low socio-economic neighborhood to an emerging Bohemian locality. … Today I feel perfectly safe walking this neighborhood.

How do you get to Balat from Sultanahmet?

There is no direct connection from Sultanahmet to Balat. However, you can take the tram to Eminonu, take the walk to Karaköy, then take the ferry to Balat. Alternatively, you can take the taxi to Balat.

How far is Balat from Taksim?

3 kmThe distance between Taksim Square and Balat is 3 km. How do I travel from Taksim Square to Balat without a car? The best way to get from Taksim Square to Balat without a car is to Metro and ferry which takes 1h 11m and costs 7 ₺ – 9 ₺.

How do I get to Balat?

It is very easy to reach Fener and Balat that are located on the southern shore of the Golden Horn, from Eminonu towards Eyüp. Fener and Balat is about 5 km. from Eminonu, Karakoy or Eyup and we can say that you can also walk Fener and Balat from these neighborhood.

Where are the colorful houses in Balat?

Colorful Houses Istanbul One of the iconic and most photographed places in Istanbul are the houses in Kiremit street. Pastel-painted houses that make a lively street scene. It is such a quiet and relaxing area to stay in, in between the locals, away from the busy city.