Question: What Do You Get From The Deku Butler?

What does the Deku Butler give you?

In Majora’s Mask 3D, if Link reaches the end of the Deku Shrine in another cycle after already receiving the Mask of Scents, the Deku Butler will give him a Fishing Hole Pass.

During the end credits, the Deku Butler is seen mourning at a twisted Tree found in the Portal that leads to the Clock Tower..

How do you get the bunny hood in Majora’s Mask?

The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask The Bunny Hood is one of twenty-four masks that can be obtained in the game. It can only be obtained by completing a Bombers’ Notebook quest. In the Cucco Shack at Romani Ranch, Grog lives together with his Cucco Chicks.

How do I get the Goron Mask?

Use the Lens of Truth to see a set of ladders leading up the cliff. At the top, enter the cave and speak to the ghost. He will give Link the Goron Mask if you play the Song of Healing for him. If you pull the stone that is in the center of the room as Goron Link, you will make a hot spring appear.

How do you save the monkey in Deku Palace?

When the princess finds out what her father is doing to the monkey she asks that you take her to him. Swipe at her with an Empty Bottle and she’ll get put inside. Carry her back to the Deku Palace and release her right in front of her father. She’ll scold her father then demand the monkey be released.

What species is Skull Kid?

Skull KidSpeciesSkull KidGenderMaleVoice actorSachi MatsumotoArticle on Zelda WikiSkull Kid6 more rows•Dec 6, 2020

What happened to the Deku Butler son?

The Deku Butler’s Son died there and his soul was turned into a Mask by the Skull Kid to curse Link into having the body of a Deku Scrubs. After reaching Clock Tower for the first time, it is not possible to return to see the Deku Butler’s Son due the closing of the interdimensional seal between Hyrule and Termina.

How do I get into the Deku Shrine?

To access the Shrine Deku Link must hop over the waters to reach several lily pads that lead to the entrance. When entering, Link is greeted by the Deku Butler who thanks Link and leads him through the puzzling labyrinth.

How did Mikau die?

When trying to recover Lulu’s eggs, which were stolen by Gerudo Pirates, Mikau was mortally wounded and left to die in the waters of Great Bay Coast. … Mikau’s vision of being reunited with The Indigo-Go’s as his spirit leaves his body Link, understanding his plight, plays the “Song of Healing” for Mikau on his ocarina.

How did the Deku Butler’s son died?

-The Deku Butler’s Son was murdered, not healed. The circumstances in which he was turned into a mask were very unique and not like Darmani’s or Mikau’s. Recall that when Link plays the Song of Healing for the first time, the song changes him from his cursed Deku form back into his normal Hylian form.

How do you save the Deku princess in Majora’s Mask?

Rescue the Deku Princess Cut through the vines to find the Deku Princess. She asks you to carry her in something so you can take her back to the Deku Temple. Catch her inside of a bottle, then go outside. Walk straight down the ramp and through the exit at the end.

What does the mask of scents do?

The Mask of Scents is a Mask in Majora’s Mask that can detect the more odorous scents and make them visible to the wearer. These scents often lead to mushroom used to make potions. Uses: Using this mask will help you detect scents by coloring their odors in a visible manner.

Where is the Deku Shrine Majora’s Mask?

The Deku Shrine is a location from The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask. Located to the left side of the Deku Palace entrance, the Deku Shrine is a massive maze-like cavern consisting mostly of narrow and darkly lit passages.

How do you kill snapper in Majora’s Mask?

Snapper Den – D Wait for the Snapper to pass over you and release A to burst into their vulnerable belly. The second method is to use an explosion like a Bomb or the Blast Mask to flip them over, then slash away with your sword three times to defeat them.

Where is the Deku princess?

Deku PalaceThe Deku Princess is the heiress to the Terminan Deku throne. She resides in the Deku Palace with her father, the Deku King.

What is Odolwa saying?

Odolwa speaks Mayan during his battle with Link, saying “K’iinam tòok òol,” “Tòokik taali,” and “A’alik beora.”

How do I get to the Deku Palace in Majora’s Mask?

Enter the building and go to the small shack in the corner and speak to the witch inside. She will give you the Pictograph Box, as well as allow you to ride her boat, which will take you to the Deku Palace.

How do you help the old hag in Majora’s Mask?

First off you need to get the Potion shop from the Boat Tour. Once you are at the Boat Tour use your Deku Mask to turn back into the Deku. When you are the Deku jump on the lily pads to the west and follow that path to the Potion Shop. Go up and talk to the Hag in the shop and she will ask for help finding Koume.