Question: What Rigging Means?

What is another word for genuine?

The words authentic and bona fide are common synonyms of genuine..

What is another word for tampering?

In this page you can discover 27 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for tamper, like: corrupt, meddle, rig, fiddle, fool, mess, tinker, stack the deck, manipulable, manipulatory and alter.

What is rigging safety?

Rigging – when workers prepare equipment to be lifted by cranes, hoists or other material-handling machinery – is a common work process on shipyard and construction sites, among others. Performing rigging operations safely is critical. … Aware of the weight of the load and the capacities of the crane and any rigging gear.

What is a rig on a girl?

‘rig’ meaning A female who is extremely fit and has a very appealing body. The term rig refers to the female overall, not just her body (although sometimes can refer to the body alone). Example: She’s been doing all of those yoga classes, she has turned into a rig.

What is rigging in civil engineering?

“Rigging” in civil engineering terms refers to the act of lifting heavy objects like concrete or steel pipes, structural steel elements, building materials, equipment, vehicles etc. from one level to another, up or down, with the aid of suspended cables, ropes, spreader beams etc.

What is a boy girl?

boy-girl (plural boy-girls) Someone who has characteristics of both boys and girls; someone young and androgynous.

Whats is a switch?

A switch is used to network multiple computers together. Switches made for the consumer market are typically small, flat boxes with 4 to 8 Ethernet ports. These ports can connect to computers, cable or DSL modems, and other switches. High-end switches can have more than 50 ports and often are rack mounted.

What’s another word for rigged?

In this page you can discover 24 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for rigged, like: manipulated, tricked, set, supplied, unrigged, gaff-rigged, furnished, lateen-rigged, trucked, tampered and tackled.

What is another word for trampled?

In this page you can discover 25 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for trampled, like: stomped, trodden, stamped, squashed, spurned, scorned, pounded, overwhelmed, injured, infringed and flattened.

Who is a qualified rigger?

A qualified rigger is a person that: possesses a recognized degree, certificate, or professional standing, or. has extensive knowledge, training, and experience, and. can successfully demonstrate the ability to solve problems related to rigging loads.

What do riggers get paid?

Job openings for RiggerCityAverage salaryRigger in Sydney NSW 51 salaries$36.58 per hourRigger in Perth WA 43 salaries$41.04 per hourRigger in Melbourne VIC 13 salaries$37.98 per hourRigger in Adelaide SA 15 salaries$40.07 per hour1 more row•Oct 23, 2020

What is called rigging?

Rigging comprises the system of ropes, cables and chains, which support a sailing ship or sail boat’s masts—standing rigging, including shrouds and stays—and which adjust the position of the vessel’s sails and spars to which they are attached—the running rigging, including halyards, braces, sheets and vangs.

What rigger means?

2A person who rigs or attends to the rigging of a sailing ship, aircraft, or parachute. … ‘In addition to clerical work, they also filled positions as parachute riggers, mechanics, radio operators, mapmakers, and welders. ‘

What is a rigging job?

Riggers set up and repair rigging at manufacturing plants, shipyards, logging yards, construction sites, and film sets. They are responsible for aligning and anchoring the machinery, attaching loads, controlling the movement of heavy equipment, and ensuring the rigging is safe for use.

What is cable rigging?

Rigging involves setting cable tension, adjusting travel limits of flight controls, and setting travel stops. In addition to the flight controls, rigging is also performed on various components to include engine controls, flight deck controls, and retractable landing gear component parts.

How do riggers work?

They can move heavy equipment through confined spaces safely. A rigger can tilt, dip or turn suspended loads to avoid obstacles or hazards such as overhead power lines. Riggers dismantle, clean and store rigging equipment after use. A rigger must comply with all regulations and safety requirements.

What does rigging mean in slang?

What does rigged mean? When something is rigged, it has been fraudulently manipulated by someone to get their desired outcome (e.g., the game was rigged in favor of the home team).

What are rigging tools?

Rigging is the equipment such as wire rope, turnbuckles, clevis, jacks used with cranes and other lifting equipment in material handling and structure relocation. Rigging systems commonly include shackles, master links and slings, and lifting bags in underwater lifting.

Is rigger a good job?

Opportunities depend, to some extent, on the condition of the economy. However, the employment outlook for riggers is generally as good as the average for all jobs through 2014. Employment may decline in specific industries and regions of the country and because of changes in construction methods.

What do you mean by price rigging?

Price rigging is an illegal action that occurs when parties conspire to fix or inflate prices to achieve higher profits at the expense of the consumer. Also known as “price fixing” or “collusion,” price rigging can take place in any industry.

What is the purpose of rigging?

Rigging is the proper installation of airframe components (wings, ailerons and tail surfaces) designed to do a specific aerodynamic job and contribute to the aircraft’s overall performance, stability and safety.