Quick Answer: How Long Is Half Life Blue Shift?

Is blue shift towards or away?

Redshift and blueshift describe how light shifts toward shorter or longer wavelengths as objects in space (such as stars or galaxies) move closer or farther away from us.

If an object moves closer, the light moves to the blue end of the spectrum, as its wavelengths get shorter..

Is Portal canon to half life?

As ambiguous as the G-Man. The canon of the Half-Life and Portal series has never been officially defined by Valve. He remarked that they “do not get involved in issues of canonicity” and that “canon itself is non-canon”, letting the games stand on their own. …

What is the half life decay formula?

The time required for half of the original population of radioactive atoms to decay is called the half-life. The relationship between the half-life, T1/2, and the decay constant is given by T1/2 = 0.693/λ.

How does half life work?

A half-life is computed from the directly measured decay constant — it is the amount of time it takes for half the atoms to decay. But, understand that they don’t all decay at the end of the half-life, but rather they are constantly decaying and the half-life is just how long it takes for half of them to decay.

What is the formula for calculating half life?

However, the half-life can be calculated from the decay constant as follows: half-life = ln (2) / (decay constant). To measure the decay constant, we take a sample of known mass and measure the number of radioactive decays per second as a function of time.

Is Half Life Blue Shift worth playing?

Blue Shift is like a map pack for Half-Life. It’s not bad, but it gets criticized for being shorter and having less content than Half-Life and Opposing Force. Yes you should play it, but you should’ve played it before Opposing Force because that is the better expansion and way to end the HL1 story arc IMO.

Is Half Life Blue Shift canon?

2 Answers. There is no official Half-Life canon. Valve have not and do not intend to define what is and what isn’t canon. Series’ writer Marc Laidlaw stated that they do not “get involved in issues of canonicity”, that “canon itself is non-canon”, and that there is “no official stance”.

Who made Half Life Blue Shift?

Gearbox SoftwareValve CorporationHalf-Life: Blue Shift/Developers

Should I play Opposing Force and Blue Shift?

Opposing Force is one of the best Addons ever, Blue Shift was “okay” but nothing you need to see. Opposing Force is great. Absolutely worth playing. Blue Shift is average at best.

Is half life decay canon?

Valve’s official stance is that the concept of canon does not apply to the Half-Life series, thus it is meaningless to declare anything as being canon or non-canon. The games simply stand as they are. … All Gearbox expansions are canon until they aren’t.

Which Half Life games are canon?

Certified canon materialHalf-Life / Half-Life: Source (Features several minor retcons)Half-Life 2.Half-Life 2: Episode One.Portal.Half-Life 2: Episode Two.The Portal ARG (Not in its entirety)The PotatoFoolsDay ARG (Not in its entirety)Portal 2: Lab Rat.More items…

Do you need half life to play opposing force?

You don’t need to. They’re expansions with stories parallel to HL1’s story. Get them if you want to play something similar to HL1, though the order you play them in is up to you. … Opposing Force is 3/4’s the length of Half-Life 1, with new weapons, enemies, bosses, and new environments.

How long is half life decay?

All StylesSingle-PlayerPolledAverageMain Story33h 48mMain + Extras33h 53mAll PlayStyles63h 50m