Quick Answer: How Old Is Fikile From Uzalo?

How old is Fikile from Uzalo in real life?

She is currently 27 years old.

Even though she is still young she has achieved quite a lot in her short space of fame..

Who is SBU from Uzalo dating in real life?

Kekeletso MahlebleeHowever, SABC1’s Uzalo actor Sbu’s (Simphiwe Majozi) real life girlfriend is a DA councilor, Kekeletso Mahleblee. Majozi is said to be head over heels in love with Mahlelebe, who hails from Mount Fletcher in the Eastern Cape, according to two reliable insiders close to the lovebirds.

Who is leaving Uzalo 2020?

In a statement provided to TshisaLIVE, the show’s producers said: “Baby Cele and Siyabonga Shibe will be leaving Uzalo by the end of season six. The story has taken this direction and will give us a riveting, high-stakes ending for both characters. “The decision was made in consultation with the two actors.

Who is Simphiwe girlfriend?

Kekeletso MahlelebeSimphiwe Majozi (born in the 1980s) is a South African actor….Profile.NameSimphiwe MajoziEducationMarketing managementAlma materUniversal College OutcomesGirlfriendKekeletso MahlelebeProfessionActor4 more rows•Nov 20, 2020

Who is the lowest paid actor in Uzalo?

NomceboSo let’s check out the salaries of the lowest paid supporting actors. According to reports, the lowest paid actress was Nomcebo who played the role of Khehla’s mother. She was reportedly paid R15k to R20k per month, she was followed by Nyawo, Madlala and Mbatha whose salaries ranges from R15k to R25k per month.

Is SBU from Uzalo a singer?

Uzalo actor, Simphiwe Majozi spoke to us about his new venture to music and express pride about his culture. On screen, he is scheming and loves easy money just as much as he loves his woman. In real-life, however, Simphiwe Majozi is a proud Zulu man, a budding musician and a loyal boyfriend.

Is Fikile from Uzalo married?

Nelisa Mchunu plays the role of Fikile on the show. Nelisa is known for keeping her private life under wraps and has always maintained that she is single.

Is Fikile from Uzalo pregnant?

Fikile from SABC 1’s Uzalo, played by Nelisa Mchunu, is not currently pregnant, however, a false pregnancy sparked a string of lies which convinced Sbu that he was going to be a father. … Finally, when she found out that Sbu was planning to throw her a baby shower, the guilt took over and she came clean about her lies.

Who is the richest person in Uzalo?

Uzalo leads, Dawn Thandeka King, who assumes the role of MaNgcobo, and Masoja Msiza, who assumes the role of Nkunzi Mhlongo, are said to be the highest paid, with a reported salary of between R45 000 and R55 000 a month.

Is Fikile and mondli dating in real life?

She never revealed who she is dating and when asked, she always says she’s single but fans could not help but suspect that the man in the picture is her boyfriend. … What most fans do not know is that Mondli is currently engaged to be married with another woman so he can not be dating Fikile.

Is mastermind coming back to Uzalo?

Uzalo fans will be pleased to know that The Two Sons Of Fame, Mastermind and Mxolisi will be returning to KwaMashu once again. Mastermind, played by TK Dlamini and Mxolisi, played by Nay Maps will be returning to Uzalo to save MaNgcobo from her current slump.

Is SBU and Fikile from Uzalo really dating?

Nelisa Mchunu is the actress who plays Fikile, and Simphiwe Majozi portrays the comedic character of Sbu. Despite online rumours, the pair have consistently denied being in a romantic relationship in real life, crediting their on-screen chemistry to their strong friendship.