Quick Answer: Is The I7 9700f Worth It?

Is the i7 9700f good for gaming?

The 9700F has a base speed of 3.0GHz and a boost to 4.7GHz.

Even with all those caveats, the Core i7-9700F at today’s price is the deal hunter’s CPU for gamers, especially if you don’t need all the extra threads provided by AMD’s rival Ryzen CPUs.

Simply put, it offers high-end performance at a bargain price..

Is Core i7 worth the extra money?

After running both processors (the 4.5GHz i7-7700K and the 4.2GHz i5-7600K) through the ringer in a computer that was otherwise the exact same, we can say, without a doubt, that you should save your money. … For most people the i7 just isn’t worth it.

What does the F mean in i7 9700f?

The generally accepted wisdom is that the ‘F’ suffix denotes a processor which doesn’t have integrated graphics at its disposal.

What does G mean in Intel processors?

The “G” means the chip has a built-in graphics processor. … The “T” means the chips is designed to use less power while also having less performance than the standard chips without any letters. The “U” means the chip is designed for laptops and mobile devices, as “U” chips are Intel’s “ultra-low power” models.

Is i7 9700k better than i7 9700f?

Intel Core i7-9700K advantages Operating frequency of the microprocessor is higher than the frequency of the Intel Core i7-9700F, as a result the Intel Core i7-9700K has better performance in most tasks. The clock multiplier on this processor is not locked.

Is i7 2600k still good 2020?

The I7–2600K is a 2nd gen i7. That processor is old. If you are using it in a work horse business computer (non-gaming) it would do just fine. … Well i7 has the big name but that 2600k following that really triggers the mind and as of 2020 not at all.

What does F mean in Intel CPU?

lacks the integrated graphicsF – Indicates that the CPU lacks the integrated graphics that are usually found in Intel CPUs and thus requires a discrete graphics card. Some models are marked with KF, meaning that they are both unlocked and lack integrated graphics.

Are Integrated Graphics good?

Integrated graphics used to have a bad reputation, but this has improved a lot in recent years. It’s now more than good enough for general computing, including some casual gaming and 4K video watching, but it still struggles in some areas. It isn’t suitable for working with graphic-intensive programs.

What does H mean in Intel processors?

High-Performance GraphicsCPUs with the letter H: H stands for High-Performance Graphics and is used to designate Intel’s higher-end offerings in the mobile segment that consumes more power. … CPUs with the letters U and Y: U stands for Ultra-Low Power, and Y represents Extremely Low Power.