Quick Answer: What Do You Mean By Abscissa Of A Point?

What is the abscissa of a point?

: the horizontal coordinate of a point in a plane Cartesian coordinate system obtained by measuring parallel to the x-axis — compare ordinate..

Which is called abscissa?

The abscissa is also known as the “x” coordinate of a point, shown on the horizontal line, with the ordinate, also known as the “y” coordinate, shown on the vertical line. … The point has 3 as its abscissa and 2 as its ordinate.

What is the abscissa of 3?

Answer. Abscissa of (3,-5) = 3 that is x cordinate.

What is ordinate graph?

In common usage, the abscissa refers to the horizontal (x) axis and the ordinate refers to the vertical (y) axis of a standard two-dimensional graph.

What is the abscissa of point (- 3 2?

The distance of a point from the y-axis on a graph in the Cartesian coordinate system. It is measured parallel to the x-axis. For example, a point having coordinates (2,3) has 2 as its abscissa.

What is ordinate point?

The ordinate is the y-coordinate of a point on the coordinate plane. The distance along the vertical (y) axis. The x-coordinate of a point is called the “abscissa”. For more see Coordinates of a point.

What is y axis called?

A y-axis is the vertical axis on the Cartesian coordinate plane. The numbers placed on the y-axis are called y-coordinates. … Ordered pairs are written in parentheses, with the x-coordinate written first, followed by the y-coordinate: (x, y).

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What do you call the first coordinate?

A relation is a set of ordered pairs. The first coordinate (usually the x-coordinate) is called the domain and the second (usually the y-coordinate) is called the range.

What is the point whose ordinate is 4 and which lies on Y axis?

Solution : Given ordinate of the point is 34 and the point lies on Y-axis , so its abscissa is zero. Hence , the required point is (0,4).

What is the abscissa of the point 5?

The abscissa of the point ( 5 , -3) is 5. Hope you like it please mark as brainliest.

What is abscissa of point (- 4?

☯ COORDINATE GEOMETRY ☯ ✏ The ‘x’ value is known as the abscissa. ✏ The ‘y’ value is known as the ordinate. ✏ Any point on the coordinate system is represented as (x,y). So, here, the point (4,5) resembles x(abscissa) = 4 and, y(ordinate) = 5.

What does ordinated mean?

The definition of an ordinate is a value of a coordinate on the vertical axis. A coordinate on a plane that is vertical and measured in relation to the x axis is an example of an ordinate. noun.

What is the abscissa of 5 7?

Answer. The abscissa of point (5,-7) is 5.

How do you calculate abscissa?

The horizontal (“x”) value in a pair of coordinates. How far along the point is. Always written first in an ordered pair of coordinates such as (12,5). In this example, the value “12” is the abscissa.

On which axis does the point 5 0 lie?

Y- axisThe point (0,5) lies on Y- axis.

In which quadrant abscissa of a point is positive?

The distance along the horizontal axis. A coordinate is an ordered pair of numbers in which the first number is the abscissa i.e. the measurement along the X axis. So, the abscissa of the point is positive in the first and fourth quadrant. … The abscissa is the x coordinate of a point on the coordinate plane.

What is abscissa of the point (- 8 5?

Answer. 5 is the abscissa. 8 is the ordinate. 5,8 is the co ordinate .

What is the abscissa of point (- 3 4?


What is the vertical number line in a coordinate plane called?

y-axis. the vertical number line in the coordinate plane. origin. the point, (0, 0), where the x-axis and y-axis intersect.