Quick Answer: Where Is The High Noon Saloon In Division 2?

Where is the exotic holster in Division 2?

The Division 2 Exotic HolsterHead to the blueprint vendor at the Base of Operations, next to the crafting table.Purchase the Holster Intel: Go West, young agent Project.Now, head to the Riverside Gas Station Control Point and take it over.

Now, you need to take over Level 4 Control Points for Hyena, Outcast and True Sons factions.More items…•.

Where is the fastest leather belt in Division 2?

How to get Dodge City Gunslinger’s Exotic Holster in The Division 2 on the PTSGo to blueprint vendor in BoO to get the project. … First step it to go to the western most control point “Riverside Gas Station” and take it over. … Once you complete it, the “Fast Leather Belt” component is in the reward cache upstairs.

Where is Showdown at High Noon Saloon?

Go back to the White House and grab the next project which is called Showdown at High Noon Saloon. It’s just east of the White House, on the border for Downtown East, but you have to ensure you show up shortly after 12pm, hence it being called “High Noon Saloon”.

How do you get an inverted leather holster?

Inverted Leather Holster: Acquired from any Heroic(Level 4) True Sons Control Point. Oiled Hammer Guards: Acquired from any Heroic(Level 4) Outcasts Control Point.