Quick Answer: Where Should I Start With Superman Comics?

Which Superman comic should I start with?

The three best places I would recommend for new Superman readers are the New 52, Rebirth, and a self-contained story..

Where should I start with DC Comics?

For many new DC fans the best possible starting place is simply with DC’s greatest hits. Obviously over the course of 80 years publishing superhero comics, DC has published some of the best superhero comics of all time, and in some cases they can claim some of the absolute best comics of all time.

What is a good comic book to start with?

If you like Batman, Superman, Suicide Squad, Justice League, and Wonder Woman you’ll want to read DC comics. Some of the most popular DC comics have been Alan Moore’s Watchmen and Frank Miller’s Batman: Year One and Batman: The Dark Knight Returns. These are classics, and a great place to get started.

What is a first edition Superman comic worth?

1, published June 1938. A pristine copy of the comic sold at auction for $3.2 million on Sunday. An original Superman comic, sold for 10 cents at a West Virginia newsstand in 1938, was purchased at auction Sunday night for $3.2 million, making it the most expensive comic book ever sold.

How many Superman issues are there?

Superman ran from 1939 to 1986 for 423 issues, with 12 Annuals published between 1960–1986 (1960–1964 and 1983–1986).

When was the first Superman comic?

June 1938Superman, American comic strip superhero created for DC Comics by writer Jerry Siegel and artist Joe Shuster. Superman first appeared in Action Comics, no. 1 (June 1938).