What Is Gandu Called In English?

What does Aho mean in Punjabi?

Aho means ‘Hello’..

How do you write MAA in Punjabi?

maa translated to Punjabiমাમાमांआईmaa.ماںمامي

What does pendi mean in Punjabi?

In Punjabi ‘Pind’ means ‘village’. So, ‘pendu’ refers to anyone from a village. However, that is not the context anymore. These days someone who is called ‘pendu’ will most likely take offense.

Is gandu a bad word?

Its not an obscene word. It is a word commonly used for swearing , it means “Asshole” , in India gay men or homosexual men are referred so because homosexual relationship is still considered taboo , the society hasn’t matured enough to approve their interest or sexual orientation.

What does rundi mean?

noun, plural Run·dis, (especially collectively) Run·di for 1. a member of a people constituting virtually the entire population of Burundi. Also called Kirundi.

What does ni mean in Punjabi?

nu” means “To”. “ni” is denoted to a girl , as, in English you call somebody by denoting with “hey” “dude”. ” ve” is denoted to a boy. ” nu” means “To”.

What does gandu mean in Gujarati?

The english translation is “crazy”

What is a Gando?

gando. Gando: from the fulani word Gandal or knowledge. Gando means who he has gandal or the enlightened. On ko gando. He is an educated or enlightened person.

Where is Gandu?

BrazilGandu is a municipality in the state of Bahia in the North-East region of Brazil.