Why Is Ubisoft Hated?

Why are Ubisoft games so bad?

First of all, Ubisoft doesn’t make terrible games.

Apart from some recent buggy games (Watch Dogs, A.C.

It also looks that they’re more preoccupied with sales than reviews and quality, pushing games yearly or every two years doesn’t work and gets stale, that’s what’s happening with the AC saga, which is awful nowadays..

Is Ubisoft losing money?

In the financial year 2020, which ended in March 2020, Ubisoft reported a net loss of 124.24 million euros, down from 99.99 million euros profit in the previous year.

Is Ubisoft safe?

Completely safe, no different to having steam or origin installed.

How long will Ubisoft forward last?

The conference will be 2 hours long and feature in-game rewards.

Does Ubisoft make cod?

Call of Duty Black Ops III (2022) is the Crossover version of the 2015 Video Game of the same name. Developed by Ubisoft-Pixar, Ltd. and under publishing by Activision, this new Game is a new installment in the Ubisoft-Pixar Extended Universe, and the Chronological successor to the Hero Wars Trilogy.

How does Ubisoft make so many games?

Because they have multiple studios working on multiple games, and because they employ God-knows how many people. Think how Call of Duty games are made (3 different studios with 3 year development cycles) and apply that to all their studios. Ubisoft Montreal (the main studio) employs 2,700+ people.